Create the perfect atmosphere to listen to your favourite rock-and-roll records with this stunning candle range from Chicago.

Founded in 2001, Tatine creates candles with nostalgic, rich, and sensual scents, made to evoke memories and emotion. The candles are manufactured in the USA using both soy and vegetable wax, while the highly considered packaging gives a sense of luxury.

Featured ranges


Infusion Candles

Harmonising fragrant compositions from the Garden & Forest and inspired by seasonal, sensual  botanicals. Perfume and essential oils are blended into Tatine’s GMO-free soy and vegetable wax candles.


Tisane Candles

An infusion of essential and perfume oils. A lyrical interpretation of memories, moments, music and emotions. Each abstract essence represents a different cherished rock song.


Pro-Fumare Candles

Mingling tradition with modern scent, a mixture of floral and Oaken smoke reveals a spiritual and romantic harmony of aromas.


Manufactory des Fleurs Candle Sets

A trio of demitasse brass candle cups infused with a tincture of essentials and absolutes extracted from beautiful and natural plant substances.






Dark, Wild & Deep Candles

From the depths of the salted sea a strange and beautiful dream. Fresh flower petals float atop melodious waves of scented dark blue waters. Driftwood and water lily slowly sail through a mist of sheer musk to create a soft and dreamy fragrance.


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