The School Of Life

The School of Life

The School of Life is a global organisation devoted to teaching us how to grow into happier, calmer, more successful people through the use of their products.

Founded out of London in 2008 The School of Life’s range is composed of emotional wellbeing tools that can help us to flourish and better understand ourselves and the world. These items are elegant, surprising, smart, often witty and most all, useful.

Designed to help make relationships work, build fulfilling careers, understand ourselves, find calm, nurture friendships and get the most out of culture.

The School of Life is now almost 10 years old and along the way have opened outposts around the world, from Amsterdam, to Antwerp, London, Paris, Berlin and Seoul to name a few.

Featured ranges

The School of Life notebooks

Notebooks & Journals

Notebooks & journals in various sizes and formats that accomodate ideas, aspirations and worries through the therapeutic activity of recording your thoughts on paper. These products feature key ideas from philosophy to literature and psychology to the visual arts.

The School of Life Cards

Card Prompt Sets

The history of philosophy is filled with some fascinating ‘schools of thought’ dedicated to tackling life’s big problems in distinctive ways. The School of Life’s many creative card sets explore emotional intelligence and the many reasons we have to be thankful, find confidence and embrace life.

The School of Life candles

Life Accessories

Be transported to an imaginary place and freshen up your state of mind. Our lives are already so busy and frenetic that sometimes we forget to make time for what really matters. The School Of Life’s lifestyle range helps you prioritise you.

The School of Life games

Card Games

Unlike any card game you’ve ever played before…
These games are designed to make you think, test your knowledge, challenge pre-conceived notions, laugh and will deliver a new perspective all at once.


The School Of Life are devoted to helping all people think intelligently about central emotional concerns. This brand designs beautiful tools, life accessories and stationery that focus on key ideas from philosophy and literature, to psychology and the visual arts. Their ideas will exercise, stimulate and expand your mind.

What is special about The School of Life?

⋅ Versatile product offering that appeals to creatives, designers and professionals alike
⋅ Designed with the cultivation of emotional intelligence front and centre
⋅ World renowned brand – branches located across the globe
⋅ Product range that complements the The School Of Life’s teaching curriculum


“I started The School of Life from a sense that schools forget to teach you so much of the stuff we need to get by in this world. Where is instruction in relationships, in the management of career, in the raising of children, in the pursuit of friendship, in the wise approach to anxiety and death: about the are of life I call emotional intelligence. We have been going for several years now and we have done a lot. It’s the thing I’m proudest to have done in my life. We’re trying to bring order and coherence to a confusing part of everyone’s life.”

Alain de Botton – Writer and Founder of The School of Life.

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