A new brand in 2017 created by Telegram Co. – Milligram.

Inherent in this brand will be classic and timeless design, with playful yet thoughtful offerings that are design-led and built to last. Everything we create will be highly functional, designed in-house and often in collaboration with special partners.

2018 diaries 

We’re excited to have kicked off our first range with a collaborationd with acclaimed Melbourne designer, author and illustrator Beci Orpin. Our team have created three styles for 2018, with specific diary users in mind.

The diaries feature fountain pen friendly paper, Australian/New Zealand specific dates and ribbon page markers. The Agenda and Family diary include fabric covers and colourful stickers designed by Beci Orpin. Packaging is recycled and while production is offshore, it’s in safe and responsible factories.

2019 diaries

We have another exciting collaboration for our 2019 diaries with vibrant, Sydney-based artist and designer, Evi O. The artwork will adorn the covers in a unique series that uses bold colours and abstract composition to create space, energy and movement. The 2019 series is called, TEMPO and showcases movement through time.

Featured products

Milligram notebooks

The Everyday Notebook

A pack of two notebooks, with a stylish yet hardy card cover. Contains fountain pen friendly Italian paper.


Metal Collection

Each object has considered the natural properties of metal and uses simple folding rather than welding to create their form.

Milligram Studio Evi O 2019 Diaries


Our diaries are created with a specific user in mind: Agenda, Family.Life and Non-Diary. Designed in collaboration with Australian designers and artists.


Canvas Artwork

Original artworks by designer, Beci Orpin and artist, Marc Martin are produced in Melbourne, keeping the cycle of design and production within Australia.


Collaboration: Kaweco

A creative collaboration with German stationer, Kaweco that focusses on beautiful utility and quality craftsmanship.


Collaboration: Delfonics

A creative collaboration with Japanese stationer, Delfonics to create a unique range of Quitterie products.


Collaboration: Marc Martin

A collaboration with award winning, Melbourne-based, illustrator and artist, Marc Martin to create this stunning limited edition notebook set, ‘Kaleidoscope Jungle’ depicting day and night.


Organisation Collection

A collection of organisation books and memo pads to help your customers get organised, run more efficient meetings and schedule their priorities.


Milligram lighting

Collaboration: ODO

Milligram’s stunning foray into lighting, this collection combines the ethereal with a geometric edge, featuring three lamps in cylinder, rectangle and triangle.

Expanding the range — notebooks, desk and wall

Over 2018 we will be introducing new collaborations and lifestyle ranges under the Milligram brand.

Telegram Co. is the official, exclusive distributor for Milligram globally. Interested in stocking Milligram? Please complete our retail partnership enquiry form.